Saturday, August 01, 2009

"Balot!"... "Balot!"...

I turned to where the shout came from but then it was already gone. Damn! I would have wanted one, or two, especially in this rainy weather. To my further irritation, I realized that the vendor was selling his balot while riding a bicycle. Hmp! How'd he expect to sell anything when the next time he shouts, he's already 30 meters away???

Hmmm (smiles)... The last time I got to eat this was after one of those happy binges of, ah... SMB, or was it RH? OK, ok, so I know this is not healthy. But, as most unhealthy grubs are, sometimes you don't think anymore but just indulge on what you want.

May 2009... It was already early dawn... a little bit inebriated... a little bit hungry... and so the trip with a new friend to the pier area where a lone vendor was crouched on the pedestrian lane with his basket of balot. With just three pieces of balot consumed between us and a tsismis now and then with the balot vendor, the time spent on that unhealthy habit was a healthy dose to a new friendship. Life indeed surprises you sometimes.

“Life IS like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.”-Forrest Gump

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